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We produce three types safety mirrors.

1)      Safety backing mirrors. Stick one safety film on the mirror paint, the mirror splinters connecting together after breaking to avoid do harm to the body.

CATI & CATII safety backing are available. CATI safety backing clear and white film are available.

Thickness: 2-12mm

Max size: 2mm 1830X2440mm

Max size: 3-12mm 3300x2250mm


2) Tempered mirrors   We produce 2-12mm tempered mirrors

The mirrors impact strength increase about 4-5 times the normal mirrors. The mirrors turn to be little pointless grain after being broken and minimize the harmulness. The tempered mirror also can be sticked one safety backing to increase the safety function.

We supply 2-12mm tempered mirrors

Max size: 2mm 600X900MM

Max size: 3mm 1220X1830mm

Max size: 4-12mm 3300x2250mm


3) Laminated Mirror

One mirror + one PVB film + one glass

The mirror have same safety function as laminated glass.


Tempered laminated mirror is also available.

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